A Grand Day Out.

A scene from Wallace & Gromit in the Wrong Trousers (1993): Displayed at the National Media Museum. Living in Leeds, there often seems to be a limit to the amount of picture houses and cinemas there are to visit. The Hyde Park Picture House, as I have previously mentioned, is one of my favourite hideaways … Continue reading

Letterboxd – My Response.

Several weeks ago I came across a website called Letterboxd thanks to a fellow blogger who complied an entry, advertising and explaining the website. Here is the original entry to which I am replying: Hello Letterboxd – thatDandyBoy  (Give it a follow, it’s a really interesting blog!) Letterboxd, in a nutshell, is an on-line diary where you  can log, … Continue reading

Season of the Witch.

There is something irresistible about creepy children’s films. Firstly, they’re not suitable for children. Secondly, the complex animation and the caricature like characters causes my inner child to leap forth and indulge in the innocence of the artwork. The result, a film that is child-like in appearance but mature in its content and dialogue. Some … Continue reading

Lambs and Dragons.

I recently discussed trilogies. I looked at trilogies I hadn’t seen, hadn’t completed or did not enjoy. Now, it’s about time I discussed my favourite trilogy. Now I should also stress that there are several trilogies that were competing for top spot. I’ve always been a sucker for Raimi’s Spider-Man films and Lucas’s first three … Continue reading