Ryan & Nelson.

Ryan Gosling has shot to fame in Hollywood over the last eight years. Now, one of the most respected and hard-working actors in the industry, Gosling’s dedication and love of cinematic expression reminds me of Brad Pitt; an actor who dedicates his time to independent, artistic projects as well as his guaranteed, money-making blockbuster hits. … Continue reading

Happy Hours.

So HMV are bankrupt and so are Blockbusters. The two companies have both entered administration at pretty much the same time. Only recently I wrote about my love of rental stores and the fond memories I have of hunting through films in my local Blockbuster. The same can be said for HMV. I enjoy buying … Continue reading


It’s been four days since I left the cinema after seeing Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables at the IMAX cinema in Liverpool. I am very fortunate to have watched the theatre production in London’s West End only three months prior. The storyline was very fresh in my mind and I was excited to see how the film differed and compared to … Continue reading