Mortonity Report.

I admire, above all else, the subtlety that an actress can bring to a role. Besides this subtlety, consistency is also crucial to an actress’ career and performance. Samantha Morton is a particularly fascinating actress and one who has consistently used her subtlety to its most effective. Morton is a British actress but has worked … Continue reading

“A Wife Beating Musical.” – Carrie Rickey.

I have previously stated that I think The King of Comedy is possibly Scorsese’s greatest film. It is definitely the best of De Niro and Scorsese’s collaborative pieces. Yet, it is very underrated and occasionally forgotten about amongst their repertoire. Another of their films that gets lost amongst the glory of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull is the magnificent and tragic New York, … Continue reading

The Front.

It is no secret that I am a loyal Woody Allen fan. I am fascinated by the man and I suspect that if I were to rate my top 100 films then 50 of them would be his. I admire his use of script and his talent as a visual and verbal comedian. A man … Continue reading


It is understandable why some people have taken a really strong dislike to Stoker. Firstly, the trailer led us to believe it was going to be a very different film, moving at a much more rapid pace than it turned out to do. Secondly, the style and genre of the film is particularly unique and hard to … Continue reading

A Deserved Winner.

His outstanding performance as the beloved William Fisher in the glorious film adaptation of Keith Waterhouse’s beloved novel Billy Liar was witty and intelligent. From Dr Zhivago to The Dresser, Tom Courtenay has become one of the most respected actors in the country. He began as the face of the ‘kitchen-sink’ drama and, since then, has moulded himself into a highly … Continue reading


  Arbitrage follows the sudden deterioration of Robert Miller, as a father, husband and businessman. As the story unfolds, we see Miller’s health, happiness, safety and success collapse steadily. Richard Gere gives a typically wooden performance, although there are several powerful moments delivered amongst the stilted mess that is the other hour and a half. I never find him … Continue reading

Welcome Back Cinerama…

Bradford National Media Museum is proud to welcome back its Widescreen Weekend. From April 26th-28th, as part of the 19th Bradford International Film Festival, the National Media Museum will be celebrating the 60th Anniversary of CinemaScope. The first three-panel film to be made in 50 years will also be screened at the festival. In the Picture, directed by … Continue reading