BIFF Highlights: 2013

After a splendid few days at The National Media Museum, my time at Bradford’s 19th International Film Festival drew to a close. Having already reviewed several of the events and screenings I attended, my reflections on the festival have already begun. With so much going on at the festival it is tough to identify my … Continue reading

Cannibal Vegetarian.

Not for the faint hearted, Cannibal Vegetarian tells the story of a corrupt gynaecologist whose greed and financial determination drives him to some hideous extremes. From the opening moments of the film, our protagonist, Danko Babic, is set up as a predator and a deviant. In this almost caricature of a villain we see a racist, a misogynist, … Continue reading


In 2008, director Marc Price intrigued audiences and festival goers with his zombie movie Colin. Created for a staggering £40, Colin demonstrated Price’s ambition and directorial skill. Now, five years later, audiences are being exposed to Price’s follow up film, made on a slightly more substantial budget. Magpie tells the story of one man’s decision to face up to his failure as a … Continue reading


Although there have been many great highlights of the Bradford Film Festival so far, there is something exciting about discovering and connecting with the work of a particular director. My best discovery during the festival has to be the work of Aleksey Balabanov. The festival have shown three of his films in the form of a … Continue reading

Hurry Up, Johnny.

I recently got round to watching ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape‘, a moving tale of one young man’s inner struggles with himself, the death of his father, his dysfunctional family and the pressures they put on him. Johnny Depp plays Gilbert and drives the film and its story forward. The simple tale is carried by Depp … Continue reading

Little Dieter Needs To Fly.

 Since the German New Wave movement, that brought directors such as Wim Wenders and Rainer Werner Fassbinder to the world’s attention, Werner Herzog has excelled as a contemporary film-maker. Known for his physically ambitious approaches to film, Herzog has repeatedly left his own philosophical mark upon his cinematic work. His documentary work has always interested me in … Continue reading