John Hurt: A Top 8.

John Hurt, one of Britain’s most profound screen presences, has a cinematic portfolio that is filled with versatility and some really astonishing accomplishments. Here is a list of my personal favourite John Hurt performances. There are a number that will not surprise and the occasional one that may have been forgotten along the way. 8. Harry … Continue reading

Personal Collections.

Today I got round to organising the mountain of films that dominate my bedroom shelves. Sorting out my DVD collection turned out to be as enjoyable as it was frustrating. The mammoth task, that was filtering and reordering my films, has lead to me contemplating about how it is that we present our passion for … Continue reading


After watching, and thoroughly enjoying, The Kid, I felt it was an appropriate time to watch Richard Attenborough’s Chaplin. This biographical film displays the life of Charlie Chaplin from his difficult childhood, his rise to success to his personal struggles with his work and his women. The film has a rather clichéd format as we join an elderly Charlie … Continue reading


In recent years we have been exposed to countless remakes of horror films. The majority of the horror films that are being churned out seem to be “re-imaginings” of American horror films from the nineteen seventies. Rob Zombie’s dull reworking of John Carpenter’s Halloween has led to the birth of a completely new and separate franchise of the terrifying … Continue reading

Minority and Memory.

Spielberg’s Minority Report contains some of science fiction cinema’s most accurate depictions of future technology. The film’s realistic vision of 2054 emphasises some of the moral questions that the film decides to asks. Precrime, a company dedicated to eliminating murder and violent crime from the streets, use three gifted individuals, named pre-cogs, to predict murders and arrest … Continue reading

A Single Man.

Tom Ford’s A Single Man is swimming with emotion and heartbreak. The wonderful performances, combined with a striking depth of character, brings everything that was wonderful about Christopher Isherwood’s novel to cinema. The beautiful cinematography adds a charm to the film which is perfectly contrasted by the woe and tragedy of the story and the life of … Continue reading

Spring Breakers.

Harmony Korine’s new film has promised to divide audiences from the release of its first teaser trailer. Taking several actresses famous for their sweet, innocent work for America’s Disney Channel and mixing them in with a world of drugs, promiscuity, greed and violence, Spring Breakers creates a darker image of Spring break. It is hard to summarise the film … Continue reading

As You Wish.

Rob Reiner is one of my favourite film directors. His overall body of work boasts some real highlights of modern cinema. This is Spinal Tap remains the most intelligent and hilarious mock-umentary film ever made, with Woody Allen’s Zelig being an honourable runner-up. When Harry Met Sally re-invented the romantic comedy and emphasised the importance of a witty script and complex … Continue reading