A Woman Under The Influence.

When A Woman Under the Influence first came out in the mid seventies, many rejoiced in its honest and realistic depiction of marriage and family. Where Hollywood provided either ‘happy’ or ‘unhappy’ marriages, John Cassavetes’ masterpiece presented a much more truthful and complex image of love, madness and marriage. Mabel, first and foremost, loves her family. Mabel’s … Continue reading


Dogtooth depicts a family whose three children are completely unaware of the outside world. Told by their father that man-eating cats await them outside of the family walls, the three children remain childlike in mindset despite clearly physically venturing into adulthood. They have no understanding of sex, reality or the truth about their imprisonment. The father … Continue reading

The Fifth Estate.

When I first saw the trailer for Bill Condon’s The Fifth Estate I was a little concerned at just how quickly this story was hitting the silver screen. After all, WikiLeaks was only founded seven years ago. The controversy and historical significance of this organisation are still developing. When entering and leaving the cinema I was very aware that … Continue reading


Documentary is one of cinema’s most useful tools when it comes to uncovering injustice and fighting for what is right. Revealing hidden truths and bringing lies to the surface is the main intention of Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s Blackfish. Investigating the causes behind the tragic death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau, the film strives to prove that the … Continue reading

Les Invisibles.

Sébastien Lifshitz’s documentary is frank and truthful. There is an honesty and a spirit that every individual shares, which carries through every story told and every soul who tells them. For a documentary it is rather long. At almost two hours in length, I was expecting parts of the film to drag. Yet, there is … Continue reading


One of the most prominent images that has been used to advertise Filth has been that of police officer Bruce Robertson presenting both middle fingers, to a young child, in an offensive manner. This image emphasises the shocking and grim themes of the film. After watching the film, it is important to inform you that this may … Continue reading

Sunshine on Leith.

Before I begin, it is crucial that I emphasise how much I wanted to enjoy this film. Living in Edinburgh and soaking myself in the pride and celebration of such a wonderful city is something I am very keen to do. Recently, I re-watched L’illusionniste with my flat mate in order to indulge in the romanticism of … Continue reading