My Accomplice.

Lacking in all direction and chemistry, My Accomplice is a perfect example of a director getting thoroughly carried away in their own work. This feeble and poorly judged romantic-comedy is crucially lacking in both romance and comedy. There is barely any plot to speak of and the whole affair is dangerously self indulgent and lazy. Two strangers meet … Continue reading


Markus is talented. He is confident in his talents as a basketball player and plans to make a new life for himself in New York. This is a story of imprisonment. Markus wants nothing more than to escape from his home town in Finland but what he will come to discover is just how difficult … Continue reading

Journey to the West.

Made up of what must be less than 15 shots, Journey to the West was a majestic and joyous change from the other films I’ve seen at Edinburgh Film Festival. The film follows a Buddhist monk as he ventures across the city of Marseille, moving at the slowest and smoothest of speeds. Each shot lasts several minutes … Continue reading