Month: July 2016

  • Maggie’s Plan.

    Written, directed and produced by Rebecca Miller, Maggie’s Plan is a spontaneous and whimsical piece of magic starring the impeccable Greta Gerwig. We meet Maggie on the cusp of a life altering decision. Making the choice to artificially inseminate herself with the produce of an aspiring pickle entrepreneur, Maggie is looking towards motherhood – content […]

  • The Neon Demon.

    The latest from Nicolas Winding Refn, The Neon Demon is a twisted, nightmarish fairy tale. Sixteen year old Jesse is new to L.A – a lost babe in the wood. Behind every corner are wolves, ghosts and witches – although here the disguise comes in the form of bold lipstick and plastic surgery rather than Grandmother’s […]

  • Adult Life Skills.

    Adult Life Skills.

    Adult Life Skills was not the film I expected it to be. Approaching her 30th Birthday, Anna isn’t coping. She resides in her mother’s garden shed surrounded by the memories of her childhood and adolescence. She spends her time making videos starring her own thumbs, refusing to acknowledge that her life has come to a stand […]

  • Where to Invade Next.

    In his latest documentary, Michael Moore crosses the pond with the intention of invading European countries to steal their good ideas. As always, he approaches the subject with his tongue in his cheek and with an aim to bring some humour to the injustice and misery he uncovers. This is a film entirely about America […]