Having not lived through the era of the John F. Kennedy’s presidency I suspected that perhaps I wouldn’t get as much from Pablo Larrain’s Jackie as those who experienced it. Then again, perhaps I would be able to gain more through my blissful unawareness of the true impact and popularity of their years in power. What Jackie does so … Continue reading


Split is by no means the worst film M. Night Shyamalan has ever made but that’s hardly saying something. As dumb and eccentric as one would expect, Split centres around three teenage girls kidnapped by Kevin, a man with 23 separate personalities. Confined to a windowless room in a mysterious underground lair with seemingly endless … Continue reading

La La Land.

A mere two years since Damien Chazelle scooped up several Oscars with Whiplash – only his second feature film – the director returns with La La Land, looking set to dominate next month’s award ceremony. Starring Ryan Gosling’s charm and Emma Stone’s charisma, La La Land is set in contemporary Hollywood and follows two frustrated artists who find refuge in one … Continue reading