20th Century Women.

Disgracefully overlooked at this year’s Academy Awards is Mike Mills’ 20th Century Women. It centres around a mother and her son and a set number of individuals who enter their home and lives. Annette Bening’s performance should not be undervalued simply because she is always so consistently outstanding. Every furrow of her brow and each … Continue reading

Hidden Figures.

A film with all the right intentions, Hidden Figures is a celebration of three criminally undervalued black women and their invaluable contributions to the US space programme in the 1960s, as NASA attempts to propel a man into orbit for the first time. Hidden Figures opens with our three protagonists gathered around their broken vehicle, … Continue reading


From its first intoxicating moment, to its last; Moonlight is the sensational underdog of this year’s American award season. Capturing the life and mind-set of a young boy entering adulthood in Miami, Moonlight captures the ugliness of adolescence, the agony of addiction and the frustration of growing up as a young, black, gay man in … Continue reading


The sight of authentic Indian street confectioneries on a kitchen counter sparks a vital memory for Saroo, a university student who’s grown up in Tasmania, adopted by a loving native couple at the age of five. Now in his early twenties, he’s forgotten the first years of his life in India which resulted in being … Continue reading