Personal Shopper.

Olivier Assayas’ desperately flawed Personal Shopper is undoubtedly my least favourite film of the year so far. It has a script so stale you could snap it over your knee and an array of equally wooden performances to match. Kristen Stewart is at the heart of all the chaos. Having successfully broken away from the … Continue reading

Get Out.

Jordan Peele’s striking debut is a near perfect, satirical thriller. A chilling and enticing story which plays on American racial dynamics, Get Out is a smart, unique, mainstream cinema experience – a rare delight. In a theatrical world dominated by sequels and remakes, original storytelling is becoming more and more of a precious treat. Films … Continue reading


From Starship Troopers to Showgirls, Paul Verhoeven has always been a provocative boundary pusher. He’s a Director who’s used satirical cinema to challenge his audience and has always provoked a reaction. His back-catalogue is a chaotic and versatile bag of contradictions and in many ways Elle is no different. When Michelle, the successful co-founder of … Continue reading

O.J.: Made in America.

This time last year, I was hooked on HBO’s The People vs. O.J. Simpson, despite initially only tuning in to get a peek at John Travolta’s startling transformation for his role. Only vaguely familiar with the legendary trial, which happened when I was only three or four, I found this re-imagining entertaining and engaging but … Continue reading