Author: hannahmchaffie

  • Breakfast Time.

    It’s time that I mentioned The Breakfast Club. Without a doubt, one of my favourite films; if not my favourite. A film I have watched more than any other and a film that makes me laugh and cry every single time. Set in an American high-school on a Saturday, we follow the conflicts and complexities […]

  • Encounters of the Briefest Kind.

    So now the real/reel blogging begins… I would like to dedicate my first entry to the beautiful Brief Encounter of 1945. This is one of my favourite films and I only had the pleasure of my first screening of this film last year. It is a film of the utmost compassion and tragedy. A story […]

  • Welcomes all-round.

    Hello there, Thank you so much for taking the time to read my humble little blog. It’s brand new and I am a little nervous about starting this. Basically, I am creating this blog in order to record and reflect upon films and the film industry. Films I have recently seen, my favourite films of […]