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All This Panic.

Shot over three years, Jenny Gage’s All This Panic is a monumental achievement; a glorious meditation on the awkward and undefined transition between childhood and adulthood. Focussing on the changing lives of a small handful of Brooklyn girls, it is a heartbreakingly nostalgic documentary, which expertly captures those bizarre, minor, authentic details that define the … Continue reading

Mulholland Drive.

The first time I saw Mulholland Drive was on a dim laptop screen in the back of a caravan. Even in this least cinematic of locations I found myself intoxicated by David Lynch’s chaotic meditation on the putrid nature of Hollywood. This weekend I finally saw it for the second time on a much larger screen as … Continue reading

I Am Not Your Negro.

The unfinished memoirs of critic and writer James Baldwin are brought to life by the voice of Samuel L. Jackson in Raoul Peck’s astonishing I Am Not Your Negro. A striking film essay that divulges Baldwin’s thoughts and criticism of the historical treatment of African-Americans during the fifties and sixties, this is a truly riveting … Continue reading

Free Fire.

Ben Wheatley’s back catalogue is rich in style and substance, from the dark horror and humour of Sightseers to the grit and claustrophobia of  Down Terrace to the suspense and ultimate chaos of Kill List to the artistic hypnosis of the triumphant A Field in England. Despite being unconvinced by High Rise, I couldn’t help but marvel at its textured layers of satirical … Continue reading


It’s always special to uncover a new horror film which turns the genre on its head. In recent years I’ve been delighted by the nostalgic tones of It Follows and the crafty creeps of The Babadook and have come to expect just one or two of these treats a year. What a delight it is then … Continue reading

Personal Shopper.

Olivier Assayas’ desperately flawed Personal Shopper is undoubtedly my least favourite film of the year so far. It has a script so stale you could snap it over your knee and an array of equally wooden performances to match. Kristen Stewart is at the heart of all the chaos. Having successfully broken away from the … Continue reading