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  • Final Portrait.

    Final Portrait.

    I have made a recent effort to write more specifically about the work of women and people of colour, both behind and in front of the camera. A rather chaotic few days and a refurbishment at my local cinema left me with only a film by and about a white man to watch and review […]

  • Janis: Little Girl Blue.

    If you look for this documentary under the image tab of the search engine of your choice, you will come across many a photographed portrait of Janis Joplin. Very little else emerges except perhaps the occasional film poster. This is somewhat reflective of Janis: Little Girl Blue, a film deeply concerned with image and painting […]

  • They Eat Culture: Tron – A Reflection.

    It is a unique thing to be able to attend an event as both a guest and an employee. For the last month I have been volunteering with They Eat Culture, a community cinema business working in Lancashire. I’ve been involved in the preparation, and promotion of their final event in their BFI Days of […]

  • They Eat Culture: Cinema and Community.

    Since finishing my post graduate study in Edinburgh, I have moved back home to Preston, Lancashire. A year in Scotland’s capital meant a year of being spoilt for choice in regards to independent cinemas and movies. Coming back home to Preston always has one huge negative factor – there are no great cinemas. At this […]

  • Short Film Reviews: Lone & The First Step.

    Lone. (2013) Dir. Mark Pellington Lone elegantly combines experimental film and music in an almost hour long experience that is rich in ideas, textures and visuals. Its sound is layered and complex, developing and transforming as the film continues. It has elements of Terence Malick, David Lynch, Andrea Arnold and Harmony Korine. It is at […]