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  • Carol.

    Deeply romantic and tantalizingly erotic, Carol is the latest from film maker Todd Haynes. Here, the director brings the same period-specific aesthetics that he created in his stunning television adaptation of Mildred Pierce. Haynes is no stranger to capturing particular times and places on screen. His most prestigious film to date being Far From Heaven, […]

  • Coffee and Cigarettes.

    Coffee and Cigarettes.

    It took a little while for me to understand the charm of Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes. Twenty minutes in, I was completely enchanted. A ninety minute film, made up of eleven vignettes, Coffee and Cigarettes is an amusing and charming film that shows a variety of actors, actresses, artists and musicians meeting and having a variety of […]

  • Blue Jasmine.

    It is no secret that Woody Allen is my favourite. The reason I love cinema and the reason I believe in good characters and great writing; Allen’s work is always a comfort and a pleasure. Making a new film every year, there is one opportunity, annually, to sit in a cinema and witness a new […]

  • Notes on a Scandal.

    Notes on a Scandal, is a story within a story. A female teacher’s affair with a fifteen year old student, and the consequences of this, is merely a backdrop for the real tale of one woman’s agonising loneliness. Barbara is a stern and well respected teacher, nearing retirement. Her bitterly cold approach to teaching is […]