Dark River.

Dark River.

When I reviewed her directorial debut, The Arbor, I declared that Clio Barnard was a British director to keep your eye on. Back in 2013 her follow up The Selfish Giant further demonstrated her ambition, capability and versatility. Barnard’s third feature is a rural British drama centred around unspoken memories of trauma which continues to prove all of the … Continue reading

The Selfish Giant.

  Clio Barnard’s The Arbor was an astonishing debut film for so many different reasons. Telling the tragic life story of playwright Andrea Dunbar and the turbulent lives of her neglected children that was to follow, The Arbor refused to sugar-coat anything. This brave and bold documentary used re-enactments, archive footage, interview audio and lip-syncing in order to give … Continue reading

Documentary? Look again…

I have finally got round to watching The Arbor, Clio Barnard’s depiction of the life of playwright Andrea Dunbar and, more importantly, the life she left behind, following her sudden death in her twenties. What I assumed to be a gritty and emotional documentary turned out to be the most extraordinarily refreshing piece of cinema … Continue reading