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  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

    I have my cousin and uncle to thank for my personal relationship with Star Wars. Every August, my brothers and I would incorporate my cousin’s latest movie obsession into a family movie, usually all shot on location in my grandparent’s garden. Our debut was Godzilla in 1998 and this was followed a year later by […]

  • Brooklyn.


    Eilis Lacey is a bright-eyed and fresh-faced young Irish girl, working in a village food store, when we first meet her. It’s apparent from the off-set that, although devoted to her family and home, Eilis longs for greater things beyond her country’s borders. We join her on her voyage across the sea to a new […]

  • Ex Machina.

    Ex Machina.

    What begins as the trip of a lifetime soon becomes a twisted, creepy exploration into human capability for young computer programmer Caleb. When he wins first prize in a company competition he is taken swiftly, by helicopter, to meet a mysterious man; a software genius who founded the company Caleb works for. In the film’s […]

  • Frank.


    There are just too many things that have inspired and influenced Lenny Abrahamson’s Frank so I won’t even begin to go into them. But I will say this: this is not the biography of either Frank Sidebottom or Chris Sievey, although both have had an impact on the film in different ways. When Jon, a slave to […]