Tag: Dustin Hoffman

  • Chef.

    I didn’t care whether or not Chef had a pretty conventional and predictable plot. I wasn’t desperate for it to make me howl with laughter and tug at my heart strings. I was prepared to sit through two hours of mediocre characters who I wouldn’t warm to – I’d seen the trailer after all. All I wanted […]

  • Sleepers.

    When one great performance dominates a film, such as Dustin Hoffman’s portrayal of Raymond Babbitt in Rain Man, it is not easily forgotten. Yet, occasionally, when several great actors unite in a piece of work and consistently balance and complement one another, it is often the case that we forget such a film as there was not […]

  • The True Struggle.

    Recently, I have been a little behind in my film reviewing and watching. For so many reasons I have been somewhat preoccupied. Tonight, I have watched a film that has brought me right back to my film loving roots and caused my writhing passion for cinema to resurface at its fullest. Rarely do I watch […]