The Assistant.

The Assistant.

“We need to strip the system down and rebuild it and make sure that things are fair and equitable for women. How do we examine the microaggressions that can strip a young woman of self confidence, that prevents her from climbing the ranks and do what the boys are doing?” These were recent words from … Continue reading

MUBI: Conclusion.

It’s been nearly three months since I began using the on-line streaming website MUBI. Now that I’ve spent a good amount of time getting to know the site, this seems like an appropriate point to start discussing my experiences with it. I did an introductory article on this website back in September – you can read … Continue reading

The Selfish Giant.

  Clio Barnard’s The Arbor was an astonishing debut film for so many different reasons. Telling the tragic life story of playwright Andrea Dunbar and the turbulent lives of her neglected children that was to follow, The Arbor refused to sugar-coat anything. This brave and bold documentary used re-enactments, archive footage, interview audio and lip-syncing in order to give … Continue reading

Edinburgh: September.

I’ve been living in Scotland’s capital for almost a month now. Balancing my part time job and my university work is proving to be a tough struggle but I’ve always enjoyed a challenge. My MSc course is proving to be fascinating, enjoyable and encouraging. Working to pay for my tuition fees is a frustrating necessity … Continue reading


In a day and age where Netflix and Lovefilm are looking set to be the future of cinema home-viewing, I am here to provide a rather exciting and arty alternative: MUBI. One of the most popular legal ways to view films in the home is by paying a set subscription fee to companies such as Netflix in … Continue reading

The Skin I Live In.

Pedro Almodóvar appears consistently fascinated by the human body. By dissecting one of his most intelligent films, All About My Mother, I discovered how much he uses human form to discuss, criticise and explore gender, nationality and identity. Becoming exposed to more and more of Almodóvar’s portfolio of work taught me about his thoughts on the transnational and his … Continue reading

Cinema: A Luxury.

Recently, I was given a £20 Amazon voucher; a generous present from close friends, congratulating me on my graduation. Instinctively, I immediately ordered several films with the voucher – excited to purchase and own some new films. I have previously written about my personal film collection and its importance to me. Buying new films is … Continue reading