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  • Short Film Reviews: Lone & The First Step.

    Lone. (2013) Dir. Mark Pellington Lone elegantly combines experimental film and music in an almost hour long experience that is rich in ideas, textures and visuals. Its sound is layered and complex, developing and transforming as the film continues. It has elements of Terence Malick, David Lynch, Andrea Arnold and Harmony Korine. It is at […]

  • This Is Spinal Tap.

    This Is Spinal Tap.

    Rob Reiner is responsible for some of the greatest American comedies of the nineteen eighties. When Harry Met Sally put a new and exciting spin on the romantic comedy and The Princess Bride approached family adventure in a fresh and intelligent way. Misery and Stand By Me demonstrate his skill as a director of serious […]

  • Film Music Live.

    A film score can make a movie. After one evening at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester I was reminded of just how crucial music is to film. Music often drifts by without our recognition and with just a little bit more attention to detail we can learn to appreciate the thought and conviction that goes […]