Tag: Film Noir

  • Blade Runner: A Timeless Soul.

    Arguably Ridley Scott’s most detailed and textured movie – Blade Runner, in all of its ‘Final Cut’ glory, remains American cinema’s most spiritual science fiction film. White doves, operatic synthesizers and heavy rain make up most of our memories of seeing Blade Runner for the first time. Set against the neon backdrop of a futuristic […]

  • Seven.

    David Fincher’s career has been a diverse and admirable one. His movies vary in style and purpose but, for the most part, remain ambitious and impressive. His portfolio isn’t perfect but it reflects a director who has explored many avenues of cinema, transforming and growing as a film-maker as a result. Many would argue that […]

  • Angel Heart.

    The beauty of Angel Heart resides in its ability to trick us into thinking it’s a lot more complicated than it actually is. Angel Heart is wonderfully simple, something you will appreciate more when you return to it for a second viewing. The film revolves around Harry Angel, a grubby, greasy private eye who takes […]

  • Short Film Reviews: Jeremiah Kipp.

    It is a rare and joyous delight when I am contacted and asked to review a director’s work. Today, it is director Jeremiah Kipp’s work that I will be discussing. Jeremiah Kipp is based in New York and has been making short films and commercials for over a decade. The three films he has asked me to […]

  • Notes on a Scandal.

    Notes on a Scandal, is a story within a story. A female teacher’s affair with a fifteen year old student, and the consequences of this, is merely a backdrop for the real tale of one woman’s agonising loneliness. Barbara is a stern and well respected teacher, nearing retirement. Her bitterly cold approach to teaching is […]

  • Minority and Memory.

    Spielberg’s Minority Report contains some of science fiction cinema’s most accurate depictions of future technology. The film’s realistic vision of 2054 emphasises some of the moral questions that the film decides to asks. Precrime, a company dedicated to eliminating murder and violent crime from the streets, use three gifted individuals, named pre-cogs, to predict murders and arrest […]