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  • An Alternative Academy Awards 2018.

    An Alternative Academy Awards 2018.

    Despite how swept up I get during Award Season, it’s very important to always remember that The Oscars are, at their heart, utterly ridiculous. Part of the joy of this time of year is scoffing at the final selection of nominees and discussing with other cinephiles who and what have been royally snubbed. Here are […]

  • My Favourite Films of 2017.

    My Favourite Films of 2017.

    Taking a closer look, there’s an evident running theme of escape in my top ten films of 2017. Many of them centre around or involve physically trying to escape, emotionally trying to escape or attempting to flee from one’s self. As we face the daily reality of life filled with fake news, the threat of […]

  • Good Time.

    Good Time.

    The Safdie brothers shook me to my core in 2015 with their intoxicating character study, Heaven Knows What. Now they return with an equally raw and intense tale of delinquency on the fringes of society in downtrodden New York. Last time, their star was directly from the streets they were portraying, this time Robert Pattinson takes […]