Tag: Julianne Moore

  • Maggie’s Plan.

    Written, directed and produced by Rebecca Miller, Maggie’s Plan is a spontaneous and whimsical piece of magic starring the impeccable Greta Gerwig. We meet Maggie on the cusp of a life altering decision. Making the choice to artificially inseminate herself with the produce of an aspiring pickle entrepreneur, Maggie is looking towards motherhood – content […]

  • Still Alice.

    It’s been over a month since Julianne Moore walked away with the Best Actress Academy Award for Still Alice; it seems an age ago. Here in the UK we only got to see her winning portrayal of a mother, professor and wife – who is suddenly struck by early onset Alzheimer’s disease – a week ago. […]

  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1.

    One of the most annoying and insincere trends in contemporary Blockbuster movie-making is the greedy decision to divide one piece of source material into two separate films. This irritating move makes complete financial sense – allowing the studios to make 100% of the original profit all over again the following year. These two-parters are often […]

  • What Maisie Knew.

    When Susanna and Beale divorce their daughter Maisie becomes a weapon, a trophy and a tool. The custody battle for Maisie damages and changes Maisie’s daily routine. Things become even more complicated with each parent’s new relationships. As the new partners are drawn into the charming world of Maisie, as well as the poisonous atmospheres that […]

  • A Single Man.

    Tom Ford’s A Single Man is swimming with emotion and heartbreak. The wonderful performances, combined with a striking depth of character, brings everything that was wonderful about Christopher Isherwood’s novel to cinema. The beautiful cinematography adds a charm to the film which is perfectly contrasted by the woe and tragedy of the story and the life of […]