Steve Jobs.

Have you ever been told an honest or depressing story you wish you could “un-hear”? That’s what it feels like to watch Steve Jobs. Divided up into three dramatic acts, Steve Jobs takes place in the final minutes before three different product launches. In each sequence we meet technology mogul Steve Jobs at different points in … Continue reading

Revolutionary Road.

Richard Yates’ Eleven Kinds of Loneliness is one of my favourite books. A collection of short stories that depict eleven different isolated individuals, the book captures the alienation of the late forties and fifties. From housewives trapped in their suburban prisons, to children separated in the playground by their differences, it deals with poisonous atmospheres and psychological … Continue reading

Kate Winslet.

Her grace echoes through the lens and her commitment to her roles has resulted in a highly varied and substantial portfolio of work. The sense of certainty and dedication that she brings to her performances is what makes this delightful actress so enjoyable to witness on screen. Her past work stems from blockbuster hits for … Continue reading

Indulging in the Chaos.

Carnage (2011) My Long Over Due Film Review of Roman Polanski’s Carnage. From the stiff social awkwardness of the first twenty minutes, to the chaotic screaming and tantrums of the last, Roman Polanski’s new dark comedy Carnage is engrossing from start to finish. Based on Yasmina Reza’s play God of Carnage, the film looks at … Continue reading