Crimson Peak.

A new Guillermo del Toro movie is always an intriguing thing. A versatile director who’s championed many a genre by refusing to stick to their conventions, he now greets us with his take on gothic horror. Gothic horror was in its prime during the reign of Vincent Price, and has never managed to fully resurrect … Continue reading

Only Lovers Left Alive.

When you spend the duration of a film asking yourself whether or not you’re enjoying it, you’ve probably already answered your own question. Jim Jarmusch’s take on the ‘vampire movie’ is under the impression that it is a lot cooler than it really is. It is too self-aware for its own good but that isn’t … Continue reading


It is understandable why some people have taken a really strong dislike to Stoker. Firstly, the trailer led us to believe it was going to be a very different film, moving at a much more rapid pace than it turned out to do. Secondly, the style and genre of the film is particularly unique and hard to … Continue reading