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  • My Worst Films of 2018.

    My Worst Films of 2018.

    A year of countless trips to the cinema involves many a disappointment, with 2018 proving no less cinematically woeful than others. This year, duds were released not only on the big screen but on VOD platforms too. Now, audiences have the (dis)pleasure of being bored to death, angered and let down by new releases from […]

  • The Wicker Man (2006).

    There is something majestically terrible about Neil LaBute’s The Wicker Man. It is undoubtedly the worst American horror-remake to ever be made, making a conscious effort to highlight references to Robin Hardy’s sensational original but simultaneously pushing aside everything that made its predecessor so unique and artistic. The action is moved from rural Scotland to a […]

  • Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans.

      It makes a lot of sense that Nicolas Cage and Werner Herzog should collaborate. Both men have a diverse cinematic portfolio that contain several real gems alongside many more absurd and questionable entries. However dubious their past work may have occasionally been, there is no denying that both men are courageous in their art […]

  • Joe.

    Joe kills trees. He makes his living by poisoning unwanted forests in order for new, stronger pines to be planted in their place. He also employs men to do the same; men that he trusts to work hard and whom he pays fairly. Joe drinks too much and has made enemies in his home town. […]

  • Leaving Las Vegas.

    When Nicolas Cage delivers, he delivers with a punch. His true ability and dedication to his craft is often overshadowed by his rather inconsistent choice of films and characters. Admiring Cage’s work in films such as Adaptation and Matchstick Men, I was always eager to see Leaving Las Vegas, the film that won him an […]