120 Beats Per Minute.

120 Beats Per Minute.

Heavily influenced and informed by the life and experiences of its director, 120 Beats Per Minute is the autobiographical and unapologetic story of life at the heart of Aids activist group Act Up-Paris, in the early nineties. Following the outbreak and ongoing epidemic, the French government were particularly slow to react and support those suffering. 120 Beats Per … Continue reading

Son of Saul.

In the hell of the Holocaust, Saul Ausländer is working as a member of the Sonderkommando. Forced to burn the bodies of other prisoners following their hideous murders in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, Saul sees a dead boy that he believes to be his son. He becomes instantly determined to save the boy’s body … Continue reading

The Piano Teacher.

Perhaps Michael Haneke’s most refined and meaningful piece of work, The Piano Teacher is far from an easy watch. In typical Haneke-style, there is unpredicted physical violence, repression and unanswered questions but all of this comes together to form a majestic yet twisted piece of contemporary European cinema. This take on the melodrama, tells the story of … Continue reading