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  • The Worst Films of 2017.

    The Worst Films of 2017.

    Before I’m trampled on by the fandom of Danny Boyle, Ridley Scott, or hung for treason by the hardcore loyal followers of Grace Jones or Edgar Wright, please do take note that the ten films far from represent the worst films cinema had to offer this year. When I consider just how few of the […]

  • Blade Runner 2049.

    Blade Runner 2049.

    Nobody with a Blade Runner tattoo on his or her ankle goes into Blade Runner 2049 feeling completely at ease. Two such people, my partner and I, entered a packed screening, thirty-five years after Ridley Scott’s original film was released. Here, a visionary hands over the sequel to Director Denis Villeneuve, who has built up […]

  • Alien: Covenant.

    Alien: Covenant.

    Alien is undoubtedly a near-perfect film which continues to dazzle and impress me each time I return to it. Ridley Scott’s bold aesthetic choices and simplistic approach to both the film’s story and visuals results in something altogether cinematically extraordinary. Although many believe an argument can be made for James Cameron’s Aliens, I see little greatness […]

  • The Martian.

    Nobody has mastered science fiction cinema like Ridley Scott. No other director has repeatedly created such striking visions of space. He’s arguably the first director to capture the same space voyage authenticity first found in Kubrick’s timeless 2001: A Space Odyssey. Despite mishaps such as Prometheus which lacked the artistry, intelligence and focus of its […]

  • Blade Runner: A Timeless Soul.

    Arguably Ridley Scott’s most detailed and textured movie – Blade Runner, in all of its ‘Final Cut’ glory, remains American cinema’s most spiritual science fiction film. White doves, operatic synthesizers and heavy rain make up most of our memories of seeing Blade Runner for the first time. Set against the neon backdrop of a futuristic […]