Tag: Sally Hawkins

  • Paddington.

    With Disney now owning our beloved Winnie the Pooh and the horrifying memories of Postman Pat: The Movie still haunting the British public’s nightmares, it is safe to say we greet Paddington with not only open arms but with trepidation. Everyone who’s asked me about it has done so with a particular look in their eyes, […]

  • Godzilla.

    As a child of the late nineties and early noughties, my younger years were full of car-crash blockbusters that failed to impress critics but made a lot of money. As a result of this, a small percentage of my recent years have been spent rediscovering the truth about these films. Movies that enthralled me at […]

  • Blue Jasmine.

    It is no secret that Woody Allen is my favourite. The reason I love cinema and the reason I believe in good characters and great writing; Allen’s work is always a comfort and a pleasure. Making a new film every year, there is one opportunity, annually, to sit in a cinema and witness a new […]