Tag: Samantha Morton

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

    This review must begin with a confession: I am a Potter-head; an old school one at that. Over the last 18 years I have revisited all 7 books and 8 films multiple times and spent many a car journey and restless night with Stephen Fry perfectly delivering each story from cassette (later CD) to my […]

  • Her.

    Visually, Spike Jonze’s futuristic romantic new feature film, Her, is breathtaking. Crisp and bright, Her is bathed in pastel tints and the warm glows of a not so distant future. The film’s aesthetic remains consistently refreshing from the opening detailed close up of actor Joaquin Phoenix’s face to the closing images of a city, lit up and buzzing with […]

  • Minority and Memory.

    Spielberg’s Minority Report contains some of science fiction cinema’s most accurate depictions of future technology. The film’s realistic vision of 2054 emphasises some of the moral questions that the film decides to asks. Precrime, a company dedicated to eliminating murder and violent crime from the streets, use three gifted individuals, named pre-cogs, to predict murders and arrest […]

  • Mortonity Report.

    I admire, above all else, the subtlety that an actress can bring to a role. Besides this subtlety, consistency is also crucial to an actress’ career and performance. Samantha Morton is a particularly fascinating actress and one who has consistently used her subtlety to its most effective. Morton is a British actress but has worked […]