The Post.

The Post.

Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep – the creator and cast alone make The Post an obvious award season favourite. However, with the triumph of Berry Jenkins’ Moonlight at last year’s Academy Awards it seems that the days of conventional Hollywood storytelling ruling the ceremony are now over. Tomorrow, the 2018 Academy Award nominations will be announced and … Continue reading

Bridge of Spies.

Mark Rylance and Tom Hanks both star in Bridge of Spies, the latest from Steven Spielberg. Inspired by a true story, the film takes place during the cold war. The opening scene captures almost everything that’s great about good spy movies. A phone rings and the spy, Rudolph Abel, answers it. He paints landscapes on … Continue reading

Saving Mr. Banks.

Disney’s own retelling of one of Disney’s own retellings, Saving Mr. Banks is a light and charming film that is full of character and the occasional emotional moment. On the surface the film tells the story of the tense collaboration between Walt Disney and his team and P. L. Travers, the author and creator of Mary Poppins, … Continue reading

Captain Phillips.

Four month ago I posted an entry on this website called ‘The Magic of Tom Hanks‘. The article discussed the actor’s baffling screen diversity and applauded Hanks for his ability to remain a household name and yet never be typecast. Having played some of cinema’s most memorable characters, from Mr. Gump to Captain Miller, Hanks … Continue reading