Absence of Magic.

I’ve just got back from watching Magic Mike. It turned out to be a dreary and heartless piece of cinema. I was so disappointed. I am not certain of what I was really expecting but it was a complete shambles. If you are going to see this film for a giggle and to peek at some muscles then be prepared for an attempt at an emotional exploration of stripper lifestyle. This film simply couldn’t make up its mind. Every joke was forced and the audience were silent throughout each one. Not one character was likeable which makes it incredibly hard to care about them or what happens to them. A very rushed and unfinished ending final stopped the boredom.

If it had been a behind the scenes study of the isolation of such a shallow and exploitive job as stripping then it would have felt more substantial. If it had been nothing more than a  film for lonely women such as myself that was there to make money from the greasy muscles of these slimy men then I would have taken it as simply a bit of fun. However,Magic Mike tried to be both. Nothing was new, nobody was interesting and I couldn’t care less if Channing Tatum was a stripper prior to his success as an actor; his dance moves and tight buttocks weren’t enough to stop me looking at my watch ever twenty minutes.

Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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