Don’t Be Shy.

Why is it, that modern cinema audiences are so accepting of the revolting state of our multiplex cinemas? I have sat in the same screen in the same cinema two times this week. On my second visit, today, I noticed that once again, my experience was being ruined by a brown streak that took up several inches of the screen itself. On my second encounter with the stain, I was astounded that not one person over the past few days had complained about it. Perhaps someone had complained, in which case I was appalled that the manager of the multiplex was still comfortable to charge the public absurd amounts of money in order to watch films on a tainted screen.

I am aware that I myself did not complain, even today. Since arriving home from the cinema trip I have given myself a stern talking to and have realised that I SHOULD have complained. If the public allow our cinemas to deteriorate, then they will. Nobody else is going to save them. If we allow ourselves to sit through films that are being projected too darkly, with the man in front of us doing his morning crossword on his Iphone, wrapped up in a scarf because the air conditioning has been on for too long, then we have only ourselves to blame.

Let’s sort it out folks.

Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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