Letterboxd – My Response.

Several weeks ago I came across a website called Letterboxd thanks to a fellow blogger who complied an entry, advertising and explaining the website. Here is the original entry to which I am replying:

 (Give it a follow, it’s a really interesting blog!)
Letterboxd, in a nutshell, is an on-line diary where you  can log, review and rate films you have seen. I initially saw it as a more complex and personalised version of IMDb. However, after getting used to the site and setting up my own account I am now prepared to share my opinions. Every aspect of the website appealed to me. A place where I can log my entire film viewing history in the form of my very own personal film archive; superb. After several weeks of trying out the website I can safely say that it is an essential for any movie nerds such as myself.
Logging the films is simply enjoyable to do in any spare moments you may have and creating a personal watch list also means you can now remember the titles of all the films that you have been constantly intrigued by. Following other Letterboxd users has helped me to build up my archive and also to discover new films that I can look into and add to my watch list. There is one element of the website that I like more that any other; the ability to log reviews. More precisely, the ability to link my account with Letterboxd to this blog. By simply recording my reviews as web page links I am able to advertise my website and also share my reviews. I have found this really helpful and enjoyable to set up.
Overall, Letterboxd is a guilty pleasure, and a very helpful and insightful pleasure at that. I encourage any movie mad individuals to check out what Letterboxd has to offer and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Enjoy compiling lists of all kinds, (favourite films, worst films, favourite horror villains etc), exploring the website’s incredibly up-to-date and varied database of films and, if you’re like me, simply enjoy creating a profile of your passions.
Please take a look at my profile and make up your own mind about this exciting film fan community.
Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry. 

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