My Favourite Place.

Today I would like to talk about my favourite cinema, the Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds.

Far too much of my student loan is spent in this haven of a cinema. It is charismatic and romantic, with a vintage look. The cinema has preserved its history but is also, in some ways, comfortably modern. For me, the cinema is a fifteen minute walk away and I find myself spending at least one night a week in this classical picture house. So, what is it that makes me return to this venue over and over again? Yes, its cheaper than a multiplex cinema and does not bombard you with snack bars and arcade games, but looking beyond the obvious, I think there are several reasons why the Hyde Park Picture House makes me feel all gooey inside.
Firstly, the cinema offers a huge variety within its screenings. Children’s films, horror films, blockbusters, art-house cinema and cult classics are all shown on a regular basis and help the cinema to maintain its diverse audiences. Despite being positioned in one of Leeds most student-populated areas, the cinema’s regular audiences are built up of a widespread demographic. They also host interviews and seminar sessions with film makers, entertainers, film producers or authors of books that have been adapted to films.

Secondly, the cinema is run by friendly and welcoming individuals. You are always greeted by a smile and a warm welcome instead of being told that those shiny, comfy seats are off limits to the likes of you! Thirdly, the cinema is comfortable and warm! This makes my experiences at the Hyde Park Picture House undoubtedly better than any experience I have had in several different multiplex theatres. If I am paying for a film screening I expect not to melt during the process or regret bringing my slippers.
I hope, through this entry, I have convinced some of you to venture out and discover this beautiful picture house for yourself. If not, then I hope I have inspired some of you to get out there and discover other independent cinemas near you. Let’s give those multiplexes a run for their money. Also, check out this short film all about the Hyde Park Picture House:
Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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