Romance in the Animation.

Whilst sat in the cinema with A Monster in Paris playing in front of me, I found my eyes drifting over the screen, constantly admiring the beauty of the animation. Every scene was detailed and captivating and when I wasn’t admiring the illustration I was falling in love with the charismatic characters before me. As the film ended I felt a sense of relief flow over me. Not because the film had bored me or had dragged on for too long, (the film is a perfect length at ninety minutes), but relief in knowing that, for the next six weeks at least, there was something available at my local multiplex for children to go and watch that will excite them and capture their imagination. When I think of the industrially churned out rubbish children are exposed to in the cinema today I couldn’t help but smile, knowing A Monster in Paris was available to children to go and watch; a work of substance that oozes character.
A Monster in Paris (2011)

Although the film did not have the hilarity of some family films, I found myself entertained and absorbed for the whole ninety minutes. This gem of a film is full of little laughs that keep you on your toes and is rich in romance; not only in the way it looks but in the way it sounds. The operatic qualities of the film are captured in the beautiful vocal performances and instrumental arrangements that flow from the screen throughout A Monster in Paris.The film tells the story of a science experiment gone wrong which leads to the creation of a giant flee that roams nineteen twenties Paris. The merging of genres will not only entertain a younger audience but hold the attention of an adult audience too. A Monster in Paris occasionally feels like a piece of theatre. It owes some credit to The Phantom of the Opera without a doubt and, in the same way, makes us feel for our anti hero.

A Monster in Paris is simply a heart-warming piece of family feature film-making, fun for all the family and a perfect way to spend a cold February afternoon. Go and watch it, you’ll smile all the way through.

Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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