Tales of the Night.

Sometimes, all you want from a film is a good story. So many films that are terribly acted and filmed, have been saved by the storyline that runs within them. As I sat down in the beautiful Film House of Edinburgh to watch Tales of the Night, I didn’t realise I would be treated to not one, but six beautiful stories. A French film that pays great tribute to the beautiful silhouette imagery of early animation, this film, originally known as Les Contes de la Nuit, is a stunning and moving piece of work that swept me off of my feet.

I went to watch this film, knowing absolutely nothing about it. Visiting Edinburgh only briefly, I intended to explore as much of the city’s film culture as possible. I was stunned by the Film House and was devastated to discover I was missing a Woody Allen season, taking place in late July. I felt completely at home in the venue and enjoyed studying several plaques that had been nailed to arms of the cinema’s chairs in memory of loved ones and respected film writers.
The film itself was mesmerising. Focussing on three friends, meeting in an abandoned cinema late at night and acting out both made up stories and folk tales from a variety of countries, Tales of the Night held my interest for the entire eighty four minutes. Some stories moved me and others made me chortle out loud. I was blown away by the beauty of the contrasting colours and blackness that were used throughout the film.
There were four of us in the screening, and not one child. This was a shame as it is a perfect film for all ages. Filled with moral lessons and brimming with imagination and escapism, this film should be seen by all generations. It is particular precious as a piece of children’s cinema. A work of art that raises the bar for youth cinema throughout the world.
To find out more about Edinburgh’s independent cinemas, check out the following sites:
Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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