You’re Going to Need a Bigger Audience.

When re-releases come to the cinemas, I always seem to miss them.
I missed Jurassic Park, then I missed Ghostbusters.
I was not going to miss Jaws. Not a chance.

Director Steven Spielberg inside “Bruce” on the set of Jaws 1975

I finally saw it last night and I am so glad that I did. It confirmed everything that I love about the cinema, great films and great film makers. Watching Spielberg’s masterpiece on the big screen as it was intended to be watched was something very special. The dialogue seemed funnier, the scares were scarier and the characters seemed somewhat more complex.

I have seen the film countless times and I know huge chunks of dialogue off by heart, so watching it on the silver-screen allowed me to delve into nerdy film fan heaven. I giggled, gasped, jumped and hid throughout the film. I felt like it was 1975 and I was watching it for the first time, except for the fact that there were only four of us present for the screening. This I found depressing. My local mainstream cinema are finally showing re-runs again and nobody turns up. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the last re-run they show.

Now, I am passionate about supporting independent film houses, but I also think it is important to support the work of multiplexes, if the work is admirable. In this case it was. When a multiplex cinema chooses to show something so different and unexpected then it is important to support them in these decisions. Come on, get yourselves down to your local multiplex and watch Jaws in all of its blockbuster glory, the way Mr Spielberg intended it to be seen.

Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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