Farewell to the Rentals.

I am curious as to whether it is just I who still thoroughly enjoys perusing my local DVD rental shop and spending an evening in, watching a rented film. It is no surprise that DVD rental stores are soon to be a thing of the past. On-line renting and streaming with companies such as ‘Netflix’ and ‘Lovefilm’ has become the normal way of accessing cinema in the home. Television packages allow us to watch new releases on our screens only weeks after cinema release and services such as ‘BBC I-Player’ allows us to catch up on films we’ve missed.
Rental stores do not help themselves with their extortionate prices. In multi-media outlets on any high street in the country you can purchase DVDs for £3; yours to keep forever. It is quite understandable, therefore, why people have abandoned the rental stores. Why rent a film for a day when you could own it for the same price?
Never the less, for me, there is something nostalgic about venturing out on a winter’s night and coming home with a film that I narrowly missed in cinemas. I enjoy looking through all the latest releases and finding myself with a tower of films in my arms; only to argue with friends and family over which ones to put back. Rental stores are vanishing and it’s easy to see why. Downloading and  internet streaming is complete in an instant and allows us to avoid the task of venturing out to your local ‘Blockbuster’ store. I guess I just enjoy the venture, is it just me who will miss rental stores?

Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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