Happy Hours.

So HMV are bankrupt and so are Blockbusters. The two companies have both entered administration at pretty much the same time. Only recently I wrote about my love of rental stores and the fond memories I have of hunting through films in my local Blockbuster. The same can be said for HMV. I enjoy buying new films from HMV but that part is only the very end of the experience. I take a lot of delight in mooching through every section of the shop; slowly working through A-Z and ending in the musical or world cinema sections. It is just one of those times where I can really indulge in my love for film and spend hours just perusing the aisles and finding new interests and intrigues.

I am very disheartened by the news of HMV and Blockbuster’s deterioration. I am not particularly surprised as for some time now I have been aware that I am a minority within my friendship group in regards to downloading films and watching them via the internet. Whether this is legal or illegal, for me there is simply no joy in watching films on a laptop screen. Very occasionally I will use BBC IPlayer’s film section to watch a film that I have been particularly desperate to see but otherwise my true love lies with owning, purchasing or renting a physical copy.

Perhaps I am very old-fashioned but, for me, the true sadness in this recent news is the loss of the experience that comes with HMV and Blockbuster. I will miss buying films there, but I can just as easily and happily order films on-line. What I will be sorry to loose is the blissful hours that I would have spent simply rummaging through the shelves. Plus, I can be a massive snob and secretly take a lot of delight in chuckling to myself at people who clog up the horror section, telling their dopey friends about how revolutionary A Serbian Film was. Such comic relief will be sorely missed.

Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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