It seems as though musicals and people’s attitudes towards them have been discussed thoroughly recently. Many of my friends and fellow writers have been expressing their opinions about the genre and discussing their frustrations about people’s ignorance to such a varied and exciting genre. A writer I very much admire talked about the rich amount … Continue reading

The Skin I Live In.

Pedro Almodóvar appears consistently fascinated by the human body. By dissecting one of his most intelligent films, All About My Mother, I discovered how much he uses human form to discuss, criticise and explore gender, nationality and identity. Becoming exposed to more and more of Almodóvar’s portfolio of work taught me about his thoughts on the transnational and his … Continue reading

Kick-Ass 2.

Just like many of its limp characters, Kick Ass 2 is rather unconvincingly disguised. Masking itself as a slick and kooky alternative-superhero movie, Kick Ass 2‘s masquerade wears thin after the first thirty minutes. The comedy in the script is particularly disappointing, as are the flat and boring characters. Matthew Vaughn’s absence from the director’s … Continue reading

Berberian Sound Studio.

I first experienced Italian Giallo cinema nearly two years ago when I sat in the Hyde Park Picture House at Halloween and witnessed Dario Argento’s Suspiria. The sounds of smashing glass, gruesome screams and the violent musical score were some of the most enchanting elements of the film. The bright crimsons that splashed onto the screen … Continue reading

Notes on a Scandal.

Notes on a Scandal, is a story within a story. A female teacher’s affair with a fifteen year old student, and the consequences of this, is merely a backdrop for the real tale of one woman’s agonising loneliness. Barbara is a stern and well respected teacher, nearing retirement. Her bitterly cold approach to teaching is … Continue reading

Cinema: A Luxury.

Recently, I was given a £20 Amazon voucher; a generous present from close friends, congratulating me on my graduation. Instinctively, I immediately ordered several films with the voucher – excited to purchase and own some new films. I have previously written about my personal film collection and its importance to me. Buying new films is … Continue reading

Children of the Damned.

Horror and science fiction merge effortlessly in 1960 British classic Village of the Damned. Creepy blonde haired children, whose terrifying powers threaten humanity, must be stopped after they take over a small English village. In 1964 the ‘sort of’ sequel was released. Children of the Damned assumes you have seen its predecessor and plunges instantly into a follow up … Continue reading

Match Point.

Woody Allen has stated that Match Point is his personal favourite of all the films he has made. It is by no means my favourite of Allen’s works of art but it is easy to see what it is about this film that the director would cherish and be proud of. Most commonly associated with comedy, Allen constantly … Continue reading