Purple Noon.

René Clément’s slick suspense thriller Plein Soleil, translated as Purple Noon, is bubbling over with attitude and terror. We first meet Tom Ripley on the streets of Italy, laughing and chatting with friend Philippe Greenleaf. We soon learn that Ripley is being paid by Greenleaf’s father to try and persuade Philippe to return home to the United States … Continue reading

The Moo Man.

Stephen Hook has named each individual dairy cow that he owns. With only seventy cows, all named and known, Stephen Hook is an unusual and incredibly unique dairy farmer. The Moo Man explores Hook’s caring attitude towards dairy farming and his passion for his animals and the way that they are treated. Stephen’s farm remains … Continue reading

The Way Way Back.

We all remember the summer holidays that seemed to last forever; the uncertainty of what lies around the corner after months of freedom from school and normal childhood, or adolescent, routine. The Way Way Back captures the summer vacation in a more depressing way, demonstrating the strain placed upon family life when you are suddenly forced to … Continue reading

Upstream Colour.

After undergoing the most severe, personal and destructive theft imaginable, Kris must attempt to re-build her life. She seems to find herself drawn to Jeff, who has also undergone some severe life changes due to his personal, out-of-control actions. Both individuals become somewhat addicted to one another and before long they struggle as their identities … Continue reading

What Maisie Knew.

When Susanna and Beale divorce their daughter Maisie becomes a weapon, a trophy and a tool. The custody battle for Maisie damages and changes Maisie’s daily routine. Things become even more complicated with each parent’s new relationships. As the new partners are drawn into the charming world of Maisie, as well as the poisonous atmospheres that … Continue reading