Edinburgh: January.

After a 6 week trip back home over the Christmas break I am finally back in Edinburgh. My time at home was a busy but relaxing one. Despite working as many hours as possible behind a bar and stressfully submitting my essays I also spend some wonderful quality time with my family, friends and partner. A month of great films, great food and great company has finally come to a close as I find myself back in Scotland’s capital. Over the Christmas break I worked in a lovely pub with a lovely team of people who made me feel very welcome and  it has been a tough adjustment moving back to my work in Edinburgh. It is a necessary evil that is helping me to fund my studies and the less time spent moaning about it the better. It has been lovely to reunite with my class mates and flat mate and I have settled back in quickly. I find the transitioning period quite difficult but am enjoying being back in the company of fellow film students. In the short time I have been back I have watched an abundance of great films from classics such as My Darling Clementine to joyful surprises such as the moving Lebanese romantic comedy Caramel.

With it being Awards season there is a wonderful selection of rich cinema to chose from so I have been spending many hours in both Filmhouse and Cameo. My friends and I will be watching this year’s BAFTA awards in style having hired a venue for the evening. I am thoroughly enjoying my studies, which remain challenging. Studying ‘Film and the Other Arts’ and ‘Film Adaptation’ is proving to be insightful and fascinating. There is a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months and it is hard to believe that I am now over half way through my time in Edinburgh. In a mere ten weeks my classes will be over and I will be turning my full attention to my 15,000 word dissertation. Job hunting and re-locating are becoming both a constant worry and excitement to me.

Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry. MSc

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