Edinburgh: May.

If feels a long time since I published my last write-up of my time in Edinburgh. I spent April at home working non-stop so there was no entry last month. May has brought me back to the big green city after four weeks at home, spent relaxing with loved ones and working plenty of hours behind a bar. April also meant the end of lectures and essays. With all hand-ins complete it is now only the dissertation that hangs over me. I won’t deny that the transition back to Edinburgh has been a tricky one this time. Throwing myself back into academic work has been challenging and overwhelming. With all my focus having been on earning money and making the most of being at home, it is tough to return to my University work with ease. I am passionate about my dissertation but also feel ready to work and close the door on education, something I’ve never had a break from since my first day at school at four years old. As my eighteenth year in the school system comes to an end I am eager to turn my attention to the future. With my flat mates and other friends handing in their undergraduate work in May it is tough to stay motivated at my desk whilst the last blossom of Spring dances outside my window. May has certainly had its truly wonderful highlights. I took three days off from my manic work schedule to celebrate my three years anniversary with my partner, who remains consistently supportive, loving and encouraging. I also reunited with a truly lovely friend from my time at University in Leeds and enjoyed a great catch up with a few glasses of red wine.

With my return to Edinburgh comes my return to the beloved Cameo and Filmhouse. There has been a surprising array of films that I have enjoyed recently which makes a nice change from the multiplexes at home where Godzilla remains the only worthwhile event to attend as the typically stagnant blockbuster Summer season approaches. Cinema highlights, since my return, include Blue Ruin and Calvary with other enjoyable, but slightly disappointing, screenings including The Wind Rises and Fading Gigolo. With May comes some great news. I have my press pass for Edinburgh International Film Festival all sorted which is making me very excited about June. The festival begins later in June so for the meanwhile I will continue ploughing away at the dissertation and earning money back home. I find myself in a slight state of limbo currently, with no lectures but so much work. I am disappointed that the learning part is over and now it is just one final push before the next chapter begins. The dreaded job hunt will commence when I eventually put aside some time between the dissertation and the part time job. A huge positive about this particular return to Edinburgh is the fact that I am no longer working at the pub that made me so miserable. Splitting my time between Edinburgh and home is providing me with free time in the city to complete my degree, whilst regular trips home allow me to earn some much needed money.

I don’t want to leave Edinburgh but simultaneously feel ready to move on from education and into the terrifying world of employment/unemployment. As May draws to a close the future looks equally bright and equally grim. We’ll just have to wait and see. Bring on the film festival, bring on the job hunt and bring on this painful final push.

Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry. 

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