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  • My Favourite Films of 2018.

    My Favourite Films of 2018.

    2018 has been a rather disappointing year for my personal cinema expeditions. With the exception of The Shape of Water, award season was a collection of deflated disappointments with the likes of Lady Bird, Three Billboards and I, Tonya all leaving me a little let down in their mere adequacy. The most unexpected treats of […]

  • My Worst Films of 2018.

    My Worst Films of 2018.

    A year of countless trips to the cinema involves many a disappointment, with 2018 proving no less cinematically woeful than others. This year, duds were released not only on the big screen but on VOD platforms too. Now, audiences have the (dis)pleasure of being bored to death, angered and let down by new releases from […]

  • Mid-Year Round Up – 2018.

    Mid-Year Round Up – 2018.

    As the film industry continues to reel from the Weinstein scandal, 2018 has been a reasonably strong year for movies but more importantly a particularly loud and triumphant one for women and our ongoing activism for equality at all levels. So far my current favourite films of the year boast real variety and demonstrate particularly […]