Tag: Owen Wilson

  • She’s Funny That Way.

    She’s Funny That Way follows in the success of Birdman, another comedy about the chaos of putting on a theatre piece. Unlike the Oscar hit, the new film from Peter Bogdanovich spends more time outside the theatre than in it; back-tracking through the earlier moments in the lives of all involved. Like a bad Woody […]

  • The Royal Tenenbaums.

    This is possibly Wes Anderson’s most complete and perfect film. Often I find his approach a little too extreme and absurd. I like his films but I find that they sometimes drag on for too long. I couldn’t help but admire the artistry that went into Fantastic Mr. Fox but it drifted so far away from the […]

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel.

    Wes Anderson’s return to the screen consists of his most stylised piece yet. The Grand Budapest Hotel makes for a fun watch with plenty of laughs all around. It’s up there in the better half of this whimsical director’s portfolio. It is certainly less whimsical than most. This seems to be Anderson at his driest. The story […]