Phantom Thread.

Phantom Thread.

In his final performance, Daniel Day-Lewis is Reynold Woodcock, dressmaker to the elite in 1950s London, drenched in the excessive wealth of the upper classes. Reynold is the visionary behind The House of Woodcock, run hand in hand with his sister Cyril. Reynold moves from woman to woman, muse to muse. When he grows tiresome, … Continue reading

Inherent Vice.

What makes a good movie? Perhaps the more appropriate question is who gets to dictate what is or isn’t a good movie? You can jokingly sort films into amusing categories such as “guilty pleasures” or “childhood favourites” – we do this as a way of justifying why we like a movie if it doesn’t typically … Continue reading

The Master-piece.

It is a rare treat when you get to spend an evening in a picture house listening to the stunning compositions of Jonny Greenwood whilst witnessing a film with not one, not two but three flawless lead performances. I indulged in such a treat recently, whilst watchingThe Master at the Hyde Park Picture House. The … Continue reading