The Master-piece.

It is a rare treat when you get to spend an evening in a picture house listening to the stunning compositions of Jonny Greenwood whilst witnessing a film with not one, not two but three flawless lead performances. I indulged in such a treat recently, whilst watchingThe Master at the Hyde Park Picture House. The film is an utter delight. This creepy, eerie, graceful, intelligent and unpredictable film from Paul Thomas Anderson is the first film to provoke my excitement about the upcoming awards season. Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams captivated me with their staggering performances in this very unsettling tale of uncertainty and betrayal; each of their characters as believable and deeply thought out as the next. The film is subtly brilliant. The cinematography, the script and the performances are going to be tough to contend with during awards season, in my eyes. We’ll have to wait to find out whether The Master receives the acknowledgement it deserves.

Here, director Paul Thomas Anderson studies the concepts of ‘cult’ in a very powerful manner. The film need not be explained or described as it simply needs to be seen by the individual. The film’s rather faint narrative has provoked a mixture of audience reviews with it seeming to be either thoroughly loved or hated. Therefore, I shall provide no explanation or background as you clearly need to see this film for yourselves in order to get your head around it. The Master deals with the issues of mind control and the dangers of being deceived. Throughout the film I found myself feeling constantly nervous and anxious for the characters and what they were capable of. The Master is a majestic piece of work that leads you down a darker path than you may originally predict.

Thanks for reading and let’s all keep supporting our beloved film industry.

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