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  • Blade Runner 2049.

    Blade Runner 2049.

    Nobody with a Blade Runner tattoo on his or her ankle goes into Blade Runner 2049 feeling completely at ease. Two such people, my partner and I, entered a packed screening, thirty-five years after Ridley Scott’s original film was released. Here, a visionary hands over the sequel to Director Denis Villeneuve, who has built up […]

  • La La Land.

    La La Land.

    A mere two years since Damien Chazelle scooped up several Oscars with Whiplash – only his second feature film – the director returns with La La Land, looking set to dominate next month’s award ceremony. Starring Ryan Gosling’s charm and Emma Stone’s charisma, La La Land is set in contemporary Hollywood and follows two frustrated artists who find refuge in one […]

  • The Ides of March.

    George Clooney’s intense political drama explores the sinister underbelly of a campaign between two presidential candidates. The Ides of March takes place in Ohio, a crucial destination to the campaign that could determine which side takes the lead and ultimately wins. With this knowledge in the minds of all those involved in the battle, tensions couldn’t […]

  • Only God Forgives.

    Nicolas Winding Refyn got just about everything right with Drive. Slick and sophisticated, Drive created an intense cinematic atmosphere whilst balancing romance with violent action. In the two short year that Drive has existed it has gathered a cult like following with its simplicity and suspense being viewed as refreshing and original. It is an undefinable […]

  • Ryan & Nelson.

    Ryan Gosling has shot to fame in Hollywood over the last eight years. Now, one of the most respected and hard-working actors in the industry, Gosling’s dedication and love of cinematic expression reminds me of Brad Pitt; an actor who dedicates his time to independent, artistic projects as well as his guaranteed, money-making blockbuster hits. […]

  • Blue Tuesday.

    Today I have spent a lot of time contemplating my experiences of the film Blue Valentine. I haven’t watched it recently. In fact I’ve only watched it once. That says it all. I watched it in the cinema when it was first released here in England and it has haunted me ever since. A story […]