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  • Children of the Damned.

    Children of the Damned.

    Horror and science fiction merge effortlessly in 1960 British classic Village of the Damned. Creepy blonde haired children, whose terrifying powers threaten humanity, must be stopped after they take over a small English village. In 1964 the ‘sort of’ sequel was released. Children of the Damned assumes you have seen its predecessor and plunges instantly into a follow up […]

  • Thrills and Trills.

    After recently reviewing The Dark Knight Rises, I began to think about trilogies in a lot more depth. I suddenly realised how few I had ever finished watching. This entry is almost a confession. My version of “I Have Never Seen Star Wars” if you will. However, I have seen Star Wars but I have […]

  • Doubting the Monsters.

    I recently saw the trailer for the upcoming prequel to Pixar’s Monsters Inc, Monsters University. Unfortunately, I was not overly impressed. I know it’s just a trailer, only a minute or so in length, and I can’t form an opinion until I’ve seen the film; however, seeing this trailer has made me feel anxious about […]